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Submit your Abstract

Upload your abstract (PDF or Word document) to automatically extract details and fill out your application. This feature uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 to extract details from your upload, and fill in the form. Since we use OpenAI's API, your abstract details will not be used by OpenAI as training data. We also don't store your uploaded abstract details (until you hit 'Submit' below). Since GPT-3 is prone to making mistakes... please double-check your submission before you send it to us! GPT-3 is also kind of slow, and can take a few minutes to process your upload.

Feel free to skip the upload step, if you'd rather fill in your details manually below. Uploading a document will overwrite any existing abstract text that you've entered below!

Submitting Revisions and Corrections

If you need to re-submit your abstract, or submit a correction to your abstract, submit your complete abstract submission below. We will use your latest submission as the final submission.

Technical Difficulties

In some cases some configurations of browser/operating system has been causing submission issues. I’m currently investigating and fixing. If you seem to run into problems, don't hesitate to email your abstract me ([email protected]) and I’ll be happy to manually enter your abstract details.

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